Benefits for Individuals

Do you need to improve your skills to get that great job or promotion? Do you need justification for a raise? How can you become more valuable to your company? In today's information age, those who understand how to manage, process, and manipulate information are the people who quickly become invaluable to an organization. Strong computer skills are a must for advancing your career and for maximizing your worth to an organization. The more valuable you can make yourself to your organization, the more money you deserve and can justify being paid. These courses will strengthen your computer skills and help you become more valuable to your organization.

Get Microsoft Certified

Do you want to be paid for what you already know? Do you want to make a career change into a high-demand field? Are you looking for a promotion?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are a candidate for one of the Microsoft Certification Programs. We are pleased to offer online courses covering a wide range of Microsoft products and technologies relating to certification in the area of Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (MCSE) and Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS).

Without ever leaving your home or office, you can gain the expertise needed to maximize your viability in today's job market. Online self-paced training is for the motivated learner who is ready for a challenge. It is also the most flexible and cost-effective way to increase your knowledge and skill. Since it is as close as the Internet, you learn at your own pace on your schedule.

Become a Computer Technician

Looking for A certification preparation, plus advanced technical skills in other areas, for the price of one book? We have it!

Need training but lack time & money?

Do you need training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other applications, but don't have the time or money to attend classes? Do you want world-class training at very attractive prices? The kind of training previously available only to Fortune 1000 companies?

As the fastest growing business segment in the world today, Small Office Home Office workers need and want all the advantages available to them. We haven't met a SOHO yet who wasn't trying to become more productive, make their next presentation more effective, build a better web site, or track their customers more efficiently.
Our courses can teach you how to use an application and provide you with excellent online reference material complete with a searchable index and split-screen capability.

Learn Computer Basics

Are computers a mystery to you? Do you feel left out when others discuss PCs? Do you want an easy way to start learning computers at your own pace?

Personal computers have become a major tool in use every day. The trend continues to grow. There is hardly a place where the topic of computers doesn't come up. Everyone seems to want to know about computers. If you're new to computers, or just not feeling comfortable with them yet, you've come to the right place. These courses will help you develop the computer confidence you seek.

Prepare for the future

Do you want to make sure you are current with the latest technology. Our vast selection of courses will keep you up to date, on the industry’s most popular software packages.

Learn to create websites

Want to create a web site, but don't know how to get started? Do you have photographs to share with friends and family over the Internet? Are you artistic and want to explore transferring those talents to the Web?
Creating your first web site can be a rewarding experience. Your creative efforts can be realized quickly and seen by many. It's a great way to communicate with your friends and family.
The courses listed here will not only get you started, but will also put you on the road to creating more complex web sites.
Do you want to learn more about web page design, scripting languages, dynamic HTML, and Java? Do you want to upgrade your skills in order to develop web sites for leading companies on the forefront of Internet commerce?


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